Business Transformation

If you have ever worked for a living, you have probably encountered The Business Transformation Fairy once or twice before.  The Business Transformation Fairy flits from company to company promising to tailor business processes in order to align them more effectively with the realities of the external and internal operational environments.  The arrival of The Business Transformation Fairy also strikes terror into the hearts of line employees who fear that they’re about to get tailored out a job.  Sadly, the part of the organization most in need of transformation, that is the top few layers, typically gets off scot-free because they are the ones paying the bills. The Business Transformation Fairy that tries to mess with the Senior Management Team doesn’t last very long.  What usually happens is that an expensive new workflow software package is sold to the company and then tailored extensively to align with the way things have always been done.  Also, for the sake of optics, a couple of middle managers usually switch jobs.