About Frank and Natalie

Frank and Natalie have been marooned on our planet ever since their spacecraft was severely damaged in a well-publicized incident somewhere near Roswell New Mexico in the middle of the last century.  Contrary to popular belief, however, their ship did not crash and their little green bodies are not picked in jars of alcohol somewhere in the bowels of Area 51 (although some of their friends may be).  In fact, Frank and Natalie were able to coax their severely crippled spaceship across the country to the northeastern USA where they successfully ditched into Lake Erie and sank safely to the bottom of that fabled body of water.

And that’s where they remain to this day.  They’re still there because they have nowhere else to go.  The nitrogen content in our atmosphere is extremely toxic to members of their species and so they are forced to stay hidden in their crippled ship at the bottom of the lake.  They explore the Earth using bio-engineered remotely controlled robotic extensions made of a plant-like substance closely resembling celery.  They feel safe at this particular bar (nobody cares what you look like here) and haven’t left the premises for over six months.  In order to avoid wilting, they spend their evenings in the vegetable crisper in the bar’s kitchen.